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Givenchy’s Wild TK-360 Knit Sneakers Are Arriving Soon

Givenchy TK-360
Givenchy TK-360
Givenchy TK-360

Fashion house Givenchy have been venturing into uncharted sartorial territory with Matthew M. Williams at the helm. He’s reached a new precipice of design with the new TK-360 knitted sneaker, which was first seen on the runway during Spring 2022 shows. As the seasons change, the new design will soon drop during Fall 2022.

Given MMW’s predilection for avant-garde and teched-out aesthetics, it’s no surprise the new model blends futuristic manufacturing techniques with morphed ergonomic shapes. According to the promo video, an internal footbed structure with tri-tipped studs is encased in a custom knit pattern, creating a sock-like fit. Even the outsole is covered in threads, which raises questions about real-world durability and practicality – not every surface is a smooth runway. For additional support, a thin set of laces can be threaded directly through the upper, but it’s likely many will wear them without the strings for a cleaner look. Being a one-piece knit structure, the colourways are so far tonal, ranging from conventional solids like black to go-big-or-go-home hues like pink and neon yellow.

According to Givenchy, a limited early drop of the TK-360 will hit on May 6, with access seemingly granted through email registrations.

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