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GIDDY UP with Mikio Sakabe

Giddy Up Jewelry Grey LateralGiddy Up Jewelry Grey Lateral
Giddy Up Jewelry Grey Outsole
Giddy Up Interstellar Black Lateral
Giddy Up Interstellar Black Outsole

We have two new entries for : GIDDY UP’s ‘JEWELRY’ and ‘INSTERSTELLAR’ silhouettes. With a newly-launched webstore, let’s take a look at these eye-catching styles.

The JEWELRY is eponymously named because the   designer considers them to be ‘shoes that are wearable jewelry’. The upper is a simple stretchy knit mesh bootie upper reminiscent of popular styles on the market. It makes way for the very bulbous segmented outsole, which appears to have taken a leaf from one particular book.

The INTERSTELLAR is ‘conscious of the point of contact with gravity itself’, and uses the same upper as the JEWELRY. What’s different is the two-part expanded midsole, creating an accordion-like effect when worn. The name brings about connotations of spaceships and galaxy travel – technically the height of these sneakers does bring the wearer closer to space.

We’ve featured just the classic grey and black colourways above, but head on over to GIDDY UP’s web store and check out the more, let’s say, ‘adventurous’ colours on offer.

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