Size Asics Gel Citrek On Foot 2
Size Asics Gel Citrek Jumping
Size Asics Gel Citrek On Foot
Size Asics Gel Venture 7 On Foot 2
Size Asics Gel Venture 7 On Foot

Get Urban-Trail-Ready with the size? x ASICS GEL-Citrek and GEL-Venture 7
Release: 18 October 2019

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Base Camp

There are not many surfaces more treacherous than pavement. Hard bitumen is also pretty sketchy. With that in mind, UK-based size? makes the trail — whether off-road or on-street — a lot safer with a new ASICS pack.

The GEL-Citrek, known as ‘Base Camp’, provides a plush GEL ride in the midsole, paired with cleated outsole tread and reinforced upper panels. Breathability is not compromised by including large mesh sections. Hang on, that beige and green colourway looks quite familiar…

On the other side, the GEL-Venture 7 ‘Mission’ is uniquely maroon and neon — a combination that, on paper, doesn’t sound like it works. However, take a look at the shots above, and you'll be convinced otherwise! That gum sole is always good.

Like all size? exclusives, there is only one retailer to get them from. You’ve got until October 18 to figure out which it is…

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