Nike Air Max 95 Grey/Red
Nike Air Max 95 Grey/Red
Nike Air Max 95 Grey/Red
Nike Air Max 95 Grey/Red
,Nike Air Max 95 Grey/Red

Get Ahead with the Nike Air Max 95 in Grey and Red
Release: TBC

Colourway: Grey/Red

The Nike Air Max 95 is preparing to go grey... and red. Official pics emerged this week of the solid two-tone combo, that is mostly a tonal grey composition before expert touches of red fill the highlights reel. That grey gradient across the upper makes full use of the Air Max 95’s signature layered upper, a design that was initially conceived on a rainy Beaverton day in the early 1990s. 

According to sneaker lore, Nike designer Sergio Lozano was staring out of his office window in search of inspiration when he started to imagine the falling rain eroding the landscape to unearth the strata below the surface. That idea of previously hidden layers resonated once more when Lozano later considered the anatomy of a foot which, of course, features similarly layered muscle fibres and flesh under the skin. The rest, as they say, is history, with the AM95 going on to forge a towering reputation in the sneakersphere.

Pairs of this grey and red Air Max 95 are expected to hit Nike and selected Swoosh stockists quite soon.

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