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Garbstore X Reebok Classic (Experimental Colour Transmission)

The Garbstore x Reebok Classic colab made some noise last year, with the 'Outside In' collection providing some very tidy renditions of much-loved silhouettes. After that success, the Garb men have been invited back to apply their plush touch to another series of Bok runners, including the Classic Leather, Inferno, Sole-Trainer and Insta Pump Fury. We see the first batch here, an Inferno with soft peach heels, with grabs of grey and beige mesh and suede overlaying a sea of blue that has a bit of a green tint to it – we can't work out what to name that damn colour, the best we could come up with was a deep bondi blue. The other feet piece is the Sole-Trainer in navy and black, it's toitally toight. There's some cool sneaker storytelling going on here too, with sole textures apparently referencing colour TV transmission interface signals from the 70s. This sounds damn complicated, but the throwback ads are dope to look at, so our feeble minds are already gratified. The first two drops from the Garbstore x Reebok Classic range will hit Bok retailers on the 14th of February, with subsequent releases on 15th March and 5th April.

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