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Fronteer X Manastash Reveal Their Colab Climber

Hardy footwear brand Fronteer have teamed up with outdoor experts Manastash to create a new silhouette called the 'Aqua Solo'. Inspired by Deep Water Soloing – a style of rock climbing that ditches harnesses, pulleys and ropes in favour of physical freedom (and a deep body of water to break any falls) – the silhouette arrives in two colourways, 'Hasu' and 'Nisshoku', named for the respective Japanese words for 'Lotus Flower' and 'Eclipse'.

Both make-ups feature dual Velcro straps across the upper, with 'Fronteer' printed on the right foot and 'Manastash' on the left. The 'Hasu' comes in tan suede and features bright red straps with purple accents, while the 'Nisshoku' is clad in black suede with black straps and grey accents. Both colourways are equipped with Vibram soles, to help you dig your toes into the narrowest of cracks.

The Fronteer x Manastash 'Aqua Solo' will be available in both colourways from October 1 at Fronteer.

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