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Converse Cons Fragment Design  Group Large
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Fragment X Converse Cons Cts Collection

What's this? Fragment Design collaborating with a brand other than Nike? Okay, technically Converse is still a division of Nike but hey, no Swoosh! Your boy Hiroshi Fujiwara has decided to hit the CONS CTX Ox with that trademark Fragment flair. Each of the five designs in the collection features a durable canvas upper, cushy Lunarlon insoles and the dual lightning bolts of approval on the rear. With the exception of a bit of metallic pinstriping on two of the pairs, the majority of the collection strays little from Converse tradition. To most people out on the street these will look like just another pair of Cons, so you should probably save your coin for Fragment's rumoured Jordan 1 follow-up if you want to break some necks. The Fragment x Converse CONS CTS Collection will release at select Converse stockists in Asia on September 10th, with the global release date scheduled for September 11th. Pics via Streething.

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