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Footpatrol Build PUMA's Tsugi Shinsei With Traditional Japanese Stitching

Puma Tsugi Footpatrol Pair Edited
Puma Tsugi 2
Puma Tsugi 1
Puma Tsugi Footpatrol Detail Edited

Reinvention lies at the heart of concept. With that ethos in mind, London design team have embraced ‘Sashiko’ stitching, a traditional Japanese technique for repairing and reviving worn-out clothing.

This is all about the delicate details. From the 3M-lined and bead-tipped laces to the decorative flourishes and asymmetrical design, the Sashiko Shinsei is a subtle work of art.

Find your pair at Footpatrol on December 8. There'll be enough 'Olive' to go round, but 'Birch' is limited to 100 pairs.

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