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Afew X ASICS Gel Lyte III (Koi)

Afew Asics Gl3 Koi Bumper 3Afew Asics Gl3 Koi Bumper 3
Afew Asics Gl3 Koi Bumper 6
Afew Asics Gl3 Koi Bumper 5
Afew Asics Gl3 Koi Bumper 4
Afew Asics Gl3 Koi Bumper 2
Afew Asics Gl3 Koi Bumper 1
Afew Asics Koi 1
Afew Asics Koi 2
Afew Asics Koi 3
Afew Asics Koi 4
Afew Asics Koi 5
Afew Asics Koi 6
Afew Asics Koi 7
Afew Asics Teaser

UPDATE: More stockists have been announced for a global release this weekend. Holler at WOEI (Rotterdam), 24Kilates (Barcelona), Run Colors (Warschau), Sneakers76 (Taranto), Paar (Wien), and Above the Clouds (Sydney).

UPDATE: LOOK AT THAT BOX! Afew really went all in with this joint, chopsticks, the additional laces, the whole kit and caboodle! Make sure you add Sneaker Politics to your list of stockists when these drop May 30.

Back in twenty-twelve, Düsseldorf retailer Afew handcrafted a single stunning . The project had a positive reception from the sneakersphere, and it looks like ASICS have commissioned Afew to recreate their masterpiece for a bigger market. We've got the first teaser image here, and while it doesn't give away the materials used on the re-up, we can confirm the sneak will be served up in a pretty ballin' wooden bento box when it arrives in-store on May 30. Stay tuned to SF for more pics in the coming days. Get your cop sticks ready.

Originally published on May 7, 2015

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