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First Look: Nike To Bring Back The Air Max 98

The Air Max retro river has been flowing hard and fast this year, and although we've seen a million and one editions of the storied classics such as the 87, AM90, BW, AM95, AM97, Lights and even the Air Max Plus, other humble achievers have been kept in the shadows. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Air Max 93... where is the bring back of the OG colours? Good to see size? putting in some awesome 93 re-work work.  The Air Max 96 has never received any retro love, the Air Max Deluxe and Air Tuned Max almost seemed to have never happened. But hold the phone, in 2014 we are set for a retro of the Air Max 98! Dropping in a gaggle of colourways, including the original 'Gundam' red, white and blue colourway. Full length 97 Air, late 90s tech flavour, dipped from head to toe in baby Swooshes – who's triple copping? Stay tuned for solid release info and detailed photos as they come in. Images via zzazin.

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