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First Look At The adidas Originals C-10

A C-10 is a code name for an old Chevy truck, but does that have anything to do with this new adidas Originals C-10 sneaker? It's hard to say, but there's surely some automotive vibes at play here – look at that spiraling strap on the heel area, it's definitely reminding me of a car seat belt, you? It's the kind of 'architected' shoe we wouldn't be surprised if Kanye West was responsible for (he ain't) – sharp angles make for a pleasing geometry across the upper, especially in the simple and deadly colour combo of black and white. Patent leathers and suede duke it out for your affections up top and a bright white midsole keeps it cruisey downstairs. August is the drop date for this nugget, holler at your Originals retailer in-store or ,online to get a piece. Pics via Hypebeast.

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