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Hello, New Finnish Footwear Brand

Helsinki has spawned a new shoe brand proffering footwear that can take a beating from the weather and not look like a beater afterwards. Tarvas was conceived by footwear professionals pursuing the perfect union of form and function – but with a twist. Hailing from Finland, the creators are versed in the most brutal conditions the Norse gods can throw down.

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Determined to create a brogue that could stroll to the pub through ice, rain and snow and still draw longing looks, the minds behind Tarvas had to start from scratch. Rather than begin with a pre-designed sole unit like many sneaker start-ups, they wrought prototype after prototype before coming up with a unique sole unit, last and mudguard. The result is constructed entirely constructed in Finland, pooling natural rubber and the famous Tärnsjò tannery which has been tooling leather since the 1800s.

If you’re done with struggling through soggy soles in the wet season, look out for Tarvas to launch on October 26.

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