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Filling Pieces Puma Colab
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Filling Pieces X PUMA Blaze Of Glory

UPDATE: The Filling Pieces x PUMA Blaze of Glory stands as one of the most intriguing collaborations of the year. A global sportswear giant combining talents with an up-and-coming independent label is an all but unheard of move in the cutthroat footwear market – though the end result proves it to be a wise move on both ends. Be sure to check out our interview with Filling Pieces founder Guillaume Philibert for the full lowdown on this curious colab.

Very soon you'll be able to slide your feet into your very own pair of these stylish BOGs. They'll be hitting top-tier PUMA accounts, including END, on July 30. Don't sleeep!

When two brands collaborate they generally team up for mutual benefit – exposure to new audiences, a new aesthetic or a new product. So it seems a bit odd for two footwear brands to team up, like Filling Pieces and PUMA have. Sometimes when one brand merges with another you see the lines blur, so could this be a sign of things to come? Perhaps it’s just a simple case of young and old joining forces in a master and apprentice type of relationship.

Motivations aside, this looks like it will be a fruitful partnership for us on the receiving end. The first silhouette to emerge shows PUMA’s athletic heritage combined with the luxe materials we associate with FP. The upper has a Blaze of Glory like silhouette, with a swooping collar and a big fat strap across the toe, sitting atop a spongy Trinomic sole.

There isn’t any confirmed release info just yet but hold tight and we’ll let you know.

– Originally published July 20, 2016

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