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Filling Pieces Mountain Cut (Furby Blue)

Filling Pieces Furby Blue 1Filling Pieces Furby Blue 1
Filling Pieces Furby Blue 2
Filling Pieces Furby Blue 3
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Filling Pieces Furby Blue 7

Remember those fluffy toy robots that your sister loved and you were secretly scared were gonna savage you with their plastic beaks when night fell? Hasbro scientists had created an almost-plush toy masterpiece, imbued with empathy, generosity and care for its owner, but you feared about the potential for them to override their programming and unite with fellow Furbies and forge a Furby diaspora, motivated to destroy humans and use our space technology to return to their home planet. We forestalled our seemingly inevitable demise, however, thanks to a little psychological phenomenon known as 'children's short attention span for hot shit'. Furbies were soon immolated en masse or ripped of their lithium hearts and buried at the bottom of closets, and so we evaded apocalypse.

There are still some well qualified people fearful of an artificial intelligence insurrection, however, while other futurists are firmly in the camp of being cool with the possibility of surrounding ourselves with robots that are smarter than us, just as there are varying degrees of human intelligence and specialised knowledge in society naturally. The latter think tank is that confident bots will never want to supersede their creators because they can't be programmed with truly human emotional traits, like greed and assholery. Watch this space, though, and if you've still got a Furby... cremate that devil incarnate right now! The colourway of this shoe is called 'Furby Blue', and it is available now at Afew.

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