Fila Breds Pack Spaghetti Thumb
Fila Breds Pack Spaghetti
Fila Breds Pack F 13
Fila Breds Pack 96

FILA Breds Pack

FILA has been pumping out some tight packs lately, and this 'Breds' bunch might just steal the crown. The Spaghetti, 96 and F-13 all get murdered out in the blackest of blacks with hot licks of red making crucial cameos. Our pick of the clan has to be the Spaghetti bolognese, the black suits the silhouette and red is employed sparingly to superb effect – plus Jerry Stackhouse wore these exact shoes when he lined up for the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs earlier this year. The Breds Pack will release October 24, 2013 on

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