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Feng Chen Wang Gives Converse Chucks the Chop

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Chuck 70s, so why stop at one? We don’t mean having a couple of pairs in the cupboard, we mean on foot. That’s where Feng Chen Wang’s head was at when she dreamed up the custom Cons worn by models at a recent NYFW show.

The range presented by Wang ponders the idea of halves — more specifically, the other half that completes a person, be it a romance, career or creative outlet. The passions that drive us are an endless source of inspiration.

In the spirit of halves, the Chucks were each made from two shoes, chopped up and spliced to create a new whole. Sections of white canvas have been painted pale blue or pink to add another layered element to the already rambunctious design.

It’s unlikely that Feng Chen Wang’s custom Converse will be available to the public, so why not pick up a couple of pairs of Chucks and have a go yourself? Chop chop!

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