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Feit Biotrainer White 1
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Feit Biotrainer Navy 1
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Feit Biotrainer Black 1

Feit Bio Trainer 1 Pack

Premium shoe makers FEIT continue to innovate and are now launching this all-new '100% biological' sneaker. Noticing a decline in the quality of materials used in sneakers over the last 30 years, with synthetic shoes proliferating and ending up in landfill too quickly, FEIT wanted to create a handmade model with no plastic required. It's quite a complicated process how it was created, but you can read up on it where if you're interested. Offered in marine suede, black suede or white leather, the FEIT Bio Trainer 1 is available exclusively at LNCC, the FEIT flagship Sydney store and on www.feitdirect.com.

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