Fdmtl Vans Collection Indigo Sashiko 1
Fdmtl Vans Classic Slip On Indigo Sashiko 1
Fdmtl Vans Classic Sk8 Hi Indigo Sashiko 1

Fdmtl X Vans Sashiko Collection

Japanese indigo merchants and purveyors of fine denim FDMTL have joined up with Vans for their second collaborative collection. The pack features a Slip-On and a Sk8-HI which have been pieced together using a patchwork of deep blue panels. The thick white stitched detailing has been lifted from a traditional technique known a ‘Sashiko’, a method of reinforcing worn fabrics with decorative stitching. You can expect they’ll age beautifully, taking on a patina like a well-loved pair of jeans – they’ll probably torn your socks blue too.

The FDMTL x Vans Sashiko collection doesn’t have a set release date yet, we’ll keep you posted.

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