Saucony Spacesnack Dp2
Saucony Spacesnack Tongue
Saucony Spacesnack Toebox
Saucony Spacesnack Sideview
Saucony Spacesnack Dp
Saucony Spacesnack Perspective
,Saucony Spacesnack Heel
Saucony Spacesnack Frontview
Saucony Spacesnack Feature3
Saucony Spacesnack Feature2
Saucony Spacesnack Feature

Extra Butter X Saucony Shadow Master (Space Snack) €

As you've most likely guessed from the title, Extra Butter and Saucony have teamed up once again to bring to us another interstellar hit. Like the Grid 9000, they've gone extraterrestrial on your asses with the Shadow Master 'freeze dried ice cream', inspired by that dairy delicacy found in the ships of space cadets all over the solar system. Don't get it twisted though, it ain't all about the kicks, 'cos Extra Butter have also teamed up with Publish Brand to produce a limited run of collaborative apparel, most notably the colour matching Jemison Anorak, allowing you to kick it in style as you zip to the moon and back, ya dig! But enough talk, just head to Extra Butter for more deets and make sure to check back with SF for release info. Extra pics via SN

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