Diadora N9000 Gialo 1 1
Diadora N9000 Gialo 8
Diadora N9000 Gialo 7
Diadora N9000 Gialo 6
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Diadora N9000 Gialo 1

Extra Butter X Diadora N9000 (Giallo)

Extra Butter's latest collaboration draws inspiration from Italian films. Donned the 'Giallo', the shoe acknowledges Diadora's routes by spotlighting Italy's 'giallo' film genre – a horror/crime fiction/slasher genre that gets its name from old school Italian paperbacks.

Choosing the N9000, Extra Butter have dressed the shoe in flesh-coloured tones to make it look like an on-foot crime scene. If the colourway wasn't enough, the shoe has also been rolled out with a photoshoot inspired by a classic horror film, and an accompanying trailer.

The Diadora N9000 'Giallo' will be available on April 23 from Extra Butter NY.

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