ARTICLE BY Olivia Finlayson

Extra Butter's Extra Fancy Facelift and their Reed Space Pop-Up

The doors of newly renovated Extra Butter on New York's Orchard Street opened at 11am on Tuesday. Adjoining the space is a Reed Space pop-up where Jeff Staple’s ‘Black Pigeon’ Nike SB Dunk Low awaited hordes of hopefuls (read about that kerfuffle here).

Set up to stoke hype while a new and permanent Reed Space store is built, the pop-up embraced a raw and unfinished aesthetic with merch displayed on scaffolding. However, to settle purchases customers were led into Extra Butter where the vibe is anything but raw and unfinished - a $1 million renovation will usually have that effect. The new space designed by esteemed Japanese architect Nobuo Araki draws inspiration from a plush and polished cinema, a theme that is emphasised to the nth degree: customers will try on kicks in cinema seats, the façade announces itself to the street with a classic theatre marquee and ticket window, red velvet curtains will conceal the shelves at night while films play on a street-facing screen, and different cinematic themes will play out in-store monthly. Oh and there will be ‘high-end’ treats and coffee.

So go for the Reed Space pop-up (open through November), but stay for the cinema-inspired luxury that is Extra Butter’s flash new digs.

Images: Thomas Iannaccone via Footwear News

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