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First Look At The Riccardo Tisci X Nike Air Cast 1

Have we got a treat for you here! Nike have hit us with the hook up on the exclusive first look at Riccardo Tisci's newest design in his Air Force collaboration series. This one will definitely go down in the annals of sneaker history as important for the culture, as the long neglected niche market of short-term foot injury sufferers are finally liberated from their swagless reality thanks to the new Nike Air Cast 1. If you've ever run into serious trouble with your metatarsals or busted an ankle badly, then you may have had to stagger around the city for a few weeks in a pair of 'ankle walkers', also known as 'moon boots'. These behemoths may aid bone recovery, but they can cause irreparable social damage, so the kingpins of the orthopedic footwear game, Breg, tapped up the homies Nike and Tisci to colab on a fresh design.

The usually softly spoken Givenchy creative director was profuse in his praise of Breg.

"I've been an armchair admirer of Breg's work for decades, the Integrity Fracture Walker Boot is basically the reason I got into fashion. On my first trip to Milan with Papa when I was 14, I saw a man wearing the Infinity and my mind was blown. Such an iconoclastic design, it really made me question why most footwear looks so similar, so formulaic. The Infinity has influenced my own design work over the years, I think you can see that, so to work with Breg directly is a huge honour."

Tisci said he only discovered that Breg's products had a corrective medical function upon turning in his first design concepts.,

"My first ideas board really stretched the silhouette's design potential, but Breg came through and pointed out some of them wouldn't serve the purpose of repairing broken feet. To be told that my latest collection would not only serve devotees of swag but also the temporarily paralyzed, well, that was the icing on the cake for me, even more proof that fashion really does matter."

"Couture swag doesn't see colour, religion or disability," he continued. "Couture swag doesn't discriminate. It only demands you have a lot of money, or be prepared to borrow a lot of money, to participate, and that's a beautiful thing."

While pre-release pairs have been spotted on several celebrities already, including Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose, the Riccardo Tisci x Breg x Nike Air Cast 1 won't drop at select pharmacies globally until April 1, 2016. That means you've got exactly one year to obtain a prescription from a medical practitioner, so go and start living dangerously!

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