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Ewing Athletics Draft 33 Hi (Frozen Envelope)

Thumbewing 33 Hi Ice Graphic WebThumbewing 33 Hi Ice Graphic Web
Ewing Athletics 33 Hi Ice
Ewing Athletics 33 Hi Ice 3
Ewing Athletics 33 Hi Ice Detailed
Ewing 33 Hi Ice Graphic Web
Ewing 33 Hi Ice

The Ewing Athletics line is steeped in b-ball history and this latest release plays on a popular conspiracy theory regarding the 1985 draft. It was the first ever NBA draft lottery, and the New York Knicks won the first pick, with some pundits suspecting foul play in which the Knicks envelope was frozen so David Stern could rifle through the box and easily pull out the chilly parcel. Ah, twas a brave new world and nobody trusted anybody. This new sneak is a clever play on the famous , with '1985' embroidered on the heel, a strap stylised as an envelope, plus a frozen ice sole to rep the "Frozen Envelope" theories. Love it! These will be drawn out at completely un-random retailers on June 5.

Originally published on May 27, 2015

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