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Ewing Athletics 33 Hi (All-Star)

Ewing 33 Hi All Star 3Ewing 33 Hi All Star 3
Ewing 33 Hi All Star 1
Ewing 33 Hi All Star 2
Ewing 33 Hi All Star 4

Patrick Ewing made 11 All-Star game appearances, so we really should take notice when puts forth a release for the special weekend. Gawd knows Snoop Doggy Dogg took notice of this one, and was caught slipping – these ain't adidas! This is a bring-back of the shoe Patty boi himself punished the courts in during the 1990 All-Star game – teal suede, star spangled toebox; it's tight stuff on the  . Hit your Ewing supplier on February 13 if you want a piece of the retro love.

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