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Adidas Mark Gonzales Aloha Super Pair 2
Adidas Mark Gonzales Aloha Super Pair 2
Adidas Mark Gonzales Aloha Super Pair 2

Every Skate Store Stocking Mark Gonzales’ Next Aloha Super

At the humble age of 51, Mark Gonzales has earned the respect of skate buffs from all over the world. Despite the grey hairs, this veteran is still most at home skating in the streets!

We recently broke the news that adidas Skateboarding have tapped The Gonz to re-up his immensely sought after Aloha Super which is set to launch on November 2. This time, the shoe will present with some peachy hits. The design is an ode to the infamous Ollie down the Wallenberg four-stair featured in the 1991, Spike Jonze–directed, Video Days from Blind Skateboards. For its time, that move was nothing to be sneezed at, and went on to become yet another grand achievement in The Gonz's vastly documented skate legacy.

At first glance, this Aloha Super release comes with a much looser approach, indicative of The Gonz's nature. There is a neat blend of whipped-like suede and leather, and we've gotta applaud the salmon-hued Schmoofoil logo embroidery. Elsewhere, the rear-end has been being hit with an embroidered MG in the crispy tones of an afternoon delight. ,In its simplest form, the updated silhouette is a reinvented rendition of the adiStar fencing shoe that the Gonz regularly wore in the late 90s.

Saturday's release is a real step in the right direction for the brand's skateboarding product, the considered design providing a shoe that people will be hyped to see in core skate doors.

We've worked tirelessly with the adi skate crew to provide you with the most comprehensive skate-door list around, outside of that you can try your luck on the adidas Skateboarding website. We'd recommend keeping a keen eye on your local skate door's IG for exact drop deets. It's time to get your affairs in order!

RRP: $90.

Adidas Mark Gonzales Aloha Super Heel Shot
Adidas Mark Gonzales Aloha Super Close Up Logo
Adidas Mark Gonzales Aloha Super Sole
Adidas Mark Gonzales Aloha Super Pair



UPS Skateshop, Sydney

Fast Times, Melbourne

1991 Skateshop, Fremantle

Beyond Skate, Perth

Greater China

Fly, Shanghai

8FIVE2, Hong Kong


Supreme, Tokyo

FTC, Shibuya City

Shred, Osaka


Savour, Seoul



SHRN, Munich

Bonkers, Frankfurt Am Main

Lobby, Hamburg

Civilist, Berlin


Wall Street, Lyon


Black Sheep, Manchester

Supreme London

StreetLab, Malmö, Sweden

Street Machine, Copenhagen, Denmark


Sevenply, Rotterdam

Ben G, Amsterdam

Lockwood, Antwerp, Belgium

Olliewood, Ollliewood, Luxembourg


Supreme New York, NY ; Los Angeles, CA ; SF, CA

510 Skate ShopBerkeley, CA

Premier, Grand Rapids, MI

Black Sheep, Charlotte, NC

NJ Skateshop, Jersey City, NJ

Familia Skateshop, Minneapolis, MN

Cowtown Skateboards, Multiple, AZ

Atlas Skateboarding, San Mateo, CA

No Comply, Austin, TX

35th North Skate Shop, Seattle, WA

CIVIL, Multiple, RI

Orchard Skateshop, Boston, MA

Uprise Skateshop, Chicago, IL

Humidity, New Orleans, LA

303, Denver, CO

Furnace Skateshop, Buena Park, CA

Labor Skateshop, New York, NY

Kingswell, Los Angeles, CA

PLA Skatebaording, Folsom, CA


Matriz, São Paulo

Maze, São Paulo

Below, Chile

Loria, Buenos Aires

Destructible, Ciudad de México

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