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Error Detected: PUMA Palace Guard
Release: 4 May 2020

Style Code: 371751_01

Colourway: Puma Black-Mist Green-Red

The revived PUMA Palace Guard from the late 80s is the latest old-school silhouette to undergo the deconstructed and reconstructed treatment that’s been rather trendy since ‘The Ten’. Thankfully, unlike some botched imitations by other brands, the Big Cat gets it right, despite the 'ER.ROR' motif it has going on.

With so much happening, blacking out the colourway is a smart move. It draws attention to the murky green accents on the sole and welded seams. Embroidered red ‘CAUTION’ on the toes and matching warning symbols on the heel counter can’t help but nod to other well-known designs. Of course, the exposed foam tongue is essential for this sort of sneaker concept.

Out now directly from PUMA.

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