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No Vacancy Inn New Balance 990V3 Above ShotNo Vacancy Inn New Balance 990V3 Above Shot

When dropped ‘Duppy Freestyle’ this time last year, he suggested that shouldn’t be listening to Denim Tears AKA No Vacancy Inn’s Tremaine Emory… but look how well that turned out for him.

Pusha went on to surgically dismantle Drake and his alleged deal, and Emory’s No Vacancy Inn x is shaping up to become one of 2019’s low-key sneaker smashes.

In one of the most inventive giveaway competitions sneakers has seen, Emory has been giving pairs away to under-18s who write exemplary essays on the topics of ‘the environment, Brexit, women’s rights, [and] queer rights’.

But if you haven’t been nimble with the pen, you’ve got another chance. No Vacancy Inn have now opened a raffle on their site. Head over and enter now to try your luck.

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