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Ellesse Potenza 2
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Ellesse Go Logo Loco with Their Latest Drop

Sportswear stalwarts Ellesse are proud of their logo, so they aren’t afraid to show it off. And their latest collection does just that.

Combining a tennis ball with skis, the ‘semi palla’ logo not only harks back to the brand’s 60 years in the game but also, thanks to its bold aesthetic, makes it a streetwear no-brainer and the perfect addition to any silhouette.

The Potenza powers up the retro vibes, taking inspiration from the Ellesse archives to bring a sneaker that slots perfectly among its contemporary peers. Or, if you want to kick it up a notch, the Massimo sports the semi palla on the tongue and heel, as well as on the branded taping that stretches around the shoe for extra flair. Finally, for something even bolder, the Massello sits a suede and mesh upper on a big-bootied sole unit, while ‘Ellesse’ sits pride of place on the midfoot.

For a piece of this 60-year legacy, all three will drop later this month.

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