ARTICLE BY Gabe Filippa
Ellesse Tanker On Foot Right
Ellesse Tanker On Foot Right Left
Ellesse Tanker On Foot Right 2
Ellesse Tanker On Foot Heel
Ellesse Tanker On Foot Sole
Ellesse Tanker On Foot Toe

Ellesse Deliver Another Timeless Tanker
Release: 20 February 2020

Colourway: White/White

Debuting in 1982, the Ellesse Tanker was conceived by the legendary Austrian industrial designer Marc Sadler, and Ellesse founder Leonardo Servadio. One of the first ever collaborations between a sportswear brand and a designer, the Ellesse Tanker combined effortless style with technical performance, and the sneaker belonged to the now-iconic 1980s 'Tank Attack' pack.

The contemporary Ellesse Tanker is an elegant, technically sound silhouette, the throwback sneaker still holding court across the globe in 2020. With an expressive sole unit, and OG details like the Jacquard label and cup sole (the first of its kind!), the Tanker retains all the tailoring finesse and tennis roots of the original.

Founded in Perugia, 1959, Ellesse was designed to bring a sartorial grace to performance sport. Using his expertise in tailoring, Servadio elevated two central sports to new heights: tennis and skiing (represented by the semi-palla logo). Over the years, Ellesse have been adopted by the likes of tennis superstars Chris Evert, Pat Cash and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario. In fact, Ellesse sponsored Boris Becker when he won his first major world title at just 17 years of age!

Lace up the Tanker right now – they're hitting courts and shelves worldwide.


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