ARTICLE BY Olivia Finlayson
2 Sfaf1 Whitecamo Sneaker Freaker
1 Sfaf1 Whitecamo Sneaker Freaker
3 Sfaf1 Whitecamo Sneaker Freaker
4 Sfaf1 Whitecamo Sneaker Freaker

Drop Date: Nike's SF AF-1 Hi Winter Boot (White Camo)

When we first caught a glimpse of Nike’s high-reaching, rope-wrapped SF AF-1 boot, this was the colourway we saw. The response of many was, 'huh?' But as often happens, what was at first strange quickly progressed to familiar, and then swiftly on to gimme, gimme. And now finally, Nike’s SF AF-1 Hi Winter Boot ‘White Camo’ has a release date.

While the thought of icy months ahead might send shivers down the spines of those in the Northern Hemisphere, let this boot be the silver lining. Slip into the military-inspired monster, seal with a chunky zip from toe box to top, wrap that rope round and round and stomp with confidence into winter’s rain, hail or shine.

These will land shelves at Deadstock this Saturday November 11.

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