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Dior Strap up Their B23 Sneaker

Dior B23 Indigo Technical Canvas Right
Dior B23 Indigo Technical Canvas Angled
Dior B23 Indigo Technical Canvas Top

With Kim Jones at the helm of Dior Mens, their B23 sneaker has received multiple mouth-watering iterations, including a logo-emblazoned fan-favourite and Sean Stussy reinterpretation. Now, they’ve decided to get the luxury kick strapped up.

An Indigo technical canvas upper makes way for black belts to be placed all over the model, fastened by Mathew Williams' signature rollercoaster buckle. Unlike some of the other B23 models, this one keeps minimal branding with 'Dior' tastefully placed on the buckle and midsole.

This pair is available now! So hit Dior retailers to cop for $1,550.

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