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Diadora V7000 Pinino
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Diadora V7000 (Pinino)

The panini seems a strange thing to pay homage to in sneaker form. Although they’re generally delicious, it takes more than a mozzarella stretch to link them with footwear. Italy’s Diadora disagrees – and we’re kinda glad they do, because their ‘Pinino’ take on the flagship V.7000 is pretty tasty. The OG running model gets made up predominantly in a mixture of dark blue suede, leather and quilted nylon. Adding some contrast, and a little New York vibe, a bright orange pops from the toebox, lining and laces. Although the colour doesn’t necessarily indicate toasted sandwiches, the footbed bears a panini graphic. Adding a quality touch, the sneaker is made completely in Italy’s Montebulluna district.

The Diadora V7000 'Pinino' is available now from select stockists including Politics.

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