Peanuts Mi Basket Diadora Pair
Peanuts Mi Basket Diadora Lateral
Peanuts Mi Basket Diadora Medial
Peanuts Mi Basket Diadora Detail
Peanuts Mi Basket Diadora Outsole
,Peanuts B Elite Diadora Pair
Peanuts B Elite Diadora Lateral
Peanuts B Elite Diadora Medial
Peanuts B Elite Diadora Detail
Peanuts B Elite Diadora Outsole

Diadora Snoop Around with Peanuts for Neat Colab

Following the runaway success of their Rick and Morty kicks last year, Diadora have now joined forces with Peanuts and Italian fashion brand LC23 for a dynamite colab. The resulting pack includes a B.Elite and a Mi Basket, each embroidered with various characters from the popular comic strip.

The Mi Basket features Scout Leader Snoopy leading Woodstock and his feathered friends around the lateral side, while the B.Elite boasts an ensemble cast, as all the main players are individually immortalised on the uppers.

Good grief, it will be hard to choose just one of the two options, so you might want to get the collection. Pairs are expected to be available on February 9 from selected Diadora stockists such as BSTN for both the Mi Basket and the B.Elite.

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