Diadora Ic400 Ristretto Release Sneaker Freaker 3
Diadora Ic4000 Ristretto Release Sneaker Freaker 2
Diadora 4000 Ristretto Release Sneaker Freaker
Diadora Ic4000 Espresso Ristretto Release Sneaker Freaker

Diadora Pour Up a Strong IC4000 'Espresso Ristretto'
Release: 24 November 2017

Style Code: 640411

Colourway: Espresso Ristretto

The humble espresso was patented back in 1884 and, since then, it's become the base of nearly every coffee drink. Now, Diadora want to make sure we really get some caffeine kicks. Serving up a short and strong shot, they're pouring 'Espresso Ristretto' over the IC4000.

Diadora has reinvented this runner in memory of the sportswear manufactured in the brand's Caerano di San Marco factory during the 80s. It makes sense that they've chosen the intense Italian drink as their inspiration for this IC4000. Premium nubuck grey panels pack a hefty ristretto-like punch, with white nylon mesh added to dilute that strong hit.

Red accents on the vector, tongue patch and lacing system serve as a nod to Diadora's Italian roots. Molto bene!

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