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Dgk X FILA Original Fitness

UPDATE: Available now online at the DGK online store.

The Fila Original Fitness is a sneaker steeped in street history. Its pedigree in the hip hop and 'dough' peddling worlds has already been explored, and now skate streetwear supremos, DGK showcase the silhouette's eminence in the shred world. If you flick through some skate magazines from the 1990s, you won't need an eagle eye to spot the Fila Original Tennis – many much-loved pro wheeler boarders got around in a pair of 'em. DGK present two colourways here, and they definitely get our co-sign. Durable pig suede covers the upper, with an altered, stickier gum sole more conducive to a great deck feel subbed in. The two colourways are tight too and stay faithful to the retro feels. Only 225 pairs will be available at select DGK retailers worldwide, dropping May 1st.

- Originally Published April 12th, 2015

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