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Dear Fashion, This is Getting Out of Hand

Fashion will never cease to amaze. Since the shoe with ,three soles has taken the world by storm, it’s only natural to take things one step further and stack footwear excess to new heights of ridiculousness. What do people need less than a shoe with three soles? How about a sandal for you shoes? Perfect! Now you can keep your kicks clean when you go to the… yeah, maybe don’t wear them out in public.

Sankuanz Sneaker Sandal Small

Chinese label Sankuanz have produced one of the most useless pieces of footwear fluffery to ever grace our screens. It’s almost insulting that they would deem them sellable. And the worst part about it is, we actually kind of like them. As far as we’re concerned, it takes a visionary mind to even conceive of taking something like this to market. Perhaps the brand will even market them as having some practical purpose — who knows. Could they be the next Vibram Five Fingers? We can only wait and see.

The Sankuanz sneaker sandal appeared on the runway during their AW18 show, so expect to see them creeping into stores later this year.

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