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DC Shoes Announce New Silhouette
Release: 6 June 2018

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Multicam

What’s the point of this bulky shoe trend popping off if its OGs can’t get involved? This seems to be how DC Shoes are feeling, as they’ve re-entered the game with a new silhouette, the E. Tribeka.

We would have scoffed at this a year ago. DC fans are legion, sure, but those wearing them today would likely do so ironically (though it must be said, Slam City Skate’s Kalis Lite bangs). But in 2018, a time when the game’s most stylish rapper is releasing what is essentially an Osiris D3, we can see these taking off.

The E. Tribeka comes in red, blue and ‘Multicam’ with fortified uppers and fat tongues that we hope will one day house stash pockets. Pairs will be available on June 6 from DC Shoes.

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