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Dandy Diary X Kangaroos (Streaker Sneaker)

If you wanna get the attention of a large gathering of people in the shortest amount of time, what do you do? Ditch your clothes and get stark naked of course – and funnily enough, that is exactly what Miky Mike Coq did. The one thing Coq did keep on though was his trusty pair of KangaROOS sneakers. Better yet, all this went down at the 2013 Dolce & Gabbana runway show in Milan. Game, set and match.

500 days on from this legendary feat of nudity, German fashion blog DANDY DIARY – the real brains behind the Coq incident – has aligned with KangaROOS to celebrate in true fashion, with a super limited Coil R-DD creation. Constructed from Napa leather, these things are smoother than a baby's butt! Completely stripped back – all puns intended – the only sight of colour on these bad boys comes on the racy red highlights in the logo, and on the lining and heel tab.

Carl Jakob Haupt of DANDY DIARY had this to say about the project: 'We’ve been following the KangaROOS brand for some time and deliberately had our streaker wear that shoe. We were inspired by the kangaroo’s pocket – it’s visible for all to see, just like Miky Mike Coq’s package – as well as the shoe’s hidden velcro pocket. The streaker put his ID and €500 in there, just in case he got arrested. Where else should he have stuck it?'

Limited to only twelve pairs – yes twelve pairs only – the Streaker Sneaker will become available December 11, exclusively via Voo Store Berlin.

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