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A Curious New Nike Humara Has Surfaced

The terrain-conquering Air Max Humara has just received an exciting overhaul. Some will remember that the original came from the mind of Nike designer Peter Fogg – the ACG lord that brought us tactical specials like the Albis, Sertig and Minot. Originally packaged in a manner that looked like a cross between an Air Max BW and the OG Chalapuka, the Humara now comes with a sleek new Zoom update. Ripstop material protects against scuffs, a toggle lace system enables numb-handed fastening, icons boast its hidden tech, and a Zoom unit underfoot promises to turn any trek into a bona fide trail run.

If you’re hearing the call of the wild, you'll have to wait a moment before answering it. Nike haven't given the Zoom Humara a release date yet; we’ll let you know when they set it free.


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