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Crossover X PUMA Disc Blaze (Mystery)

Crossover's tribute to David Lynch's twisted classic Blue Velvet continues with this devilishly dark Disc Blaze. Forming the second half of the ‘Velvet Twin Pack’ together with the previously revealed Blaze of Glory, there is nothing lighthearted about this sinister Blaze, with its pure black nubuck, noir suede and sly pink bits evoking the erotic despair that pervades the film’s moody aesthetic. The rose motif behind the design is inspired by the film’s opening sequence. As for the clear Disc mech on the front, which resembles an oxygen mask, we'll leave the true Lynch fans to figure out the inspiration behind that part of the design.

The Crossover x Puma 'Mystery' Disc Blaze will be available May 7th through Crossover, both in-store and online.

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