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Crocs Elite Camo Boat Shoe Profile 1
Crocs Elite Camo Boat Shoe Angle 1
Crocs Elite Camo Boat Shoe Heel 1
Crocs Elite Camo Boat Shoe Detail 1
Crocs Elite Camo Boat Shoe Reverse Angle 1
,Crocs Elite Camo Boat Shoe Front 1

Crocs Elite Boat Shoe (Camo)

To many footwear fiends, wearing Crocs is a sign you've given up on chasing any semblance of a fashionable life – it's function and comfort that matters now as you trudge into old age in your spongy sandals. You start saying things like, 'But Crocs are so comfortable, you should just try them'. Your friends refuse and and walk ahead of you on footpaths. Well maybe you were a pioneer after all, cos Crocs are making a bold play to get with the popular gang, and they've got some support from some super street-respectable folk. Boston's trail blazing Concepts boutique has signed up to be the exclusive retailer of these camo Crocs Elite Boat Shoes. The iconic midfoot strap from the  staple model is replaced by a textile tongue and laces here, while a rubber sole is jigsawed into the classic Crocs upper. Fortune favours the brave, so are you brave enough to cop?

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