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Couldn't Cop the Yeezy Wave Runner 700? Zara's Got You Covered

The Spanish fast-fashion powerhouse Zara regularly cops flack for biting styles originally developed by designer brands. And here we go again.

Zara's 'White and Grey Sneakers with Thick Soles' bears a close resemblance to the ,Yeezy Wave Runner 700: chunky sole, curled-up toe box, wavy textured accents on the upper and midsole... It's pretty clear which sneaker was pinned up on Zara's concept board when they cooked up this number. Adding insult to injury for Yeezy stans, the shoe also comes in Kanye's signature muted palette.

But it may be time for those crying 'copy cat' to chill. Getting your hands on Kanye's creations can be crazy expensive. And even if you've got the money, adidas' small production runs make it near-impossible to secure in-demand models. The Three Stripes aren't exactly strapped for cash right now, having nearly doubled their sneaker market share in recent months. While it's concerning that Zara copy designs from independent artists, adidas is unlikely to be shaking in their BOOSTS over this sneaker.

This Zara model comes in at just under $90 USD. At this affordable price, we say: let this 'dad shoe' have its day. The 'White and Grey Sneakers with Thick Soles' can be purchased now through Zara's online store.

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