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Reebok Cotton Corn Lavender Lateral Side
Reebok Npc Uk Cotton Lavender Heel
Reebok Cotton Corn Industrial Green Lateral Side
Reebok Cotton Corn Industrial Green Top View
Reebok Cotton Corn Blue Slate Lateral Side

Cotton and Corn = The Reebok NPC UK
Release: 9 July 2019 ,

Style Code: EG1573

Colourway: Industrial Green

The Reebok Future Team have been seriously listening to the environmentally aware voices of 2019, and have now produced something amazing for all the enviro-friendly sneakerheads out there.

They've done the unthinkable and created a sneaker what Captain Planet himself would wear, while simultaneously ridding the world of oil spills, over-logging, and ocean pollution. Named the NPC UK Cotton + Corn, the enviro-conscious offering has been created from exactly what the name suggests. The upper is made of 100 per cent cotton with a bio-based sole derived from corn, making it the only footwear product on the market that's been certified as containing 75 per cent USDA-certified bio-based content.

After the overwhelming success of their first Cotton and Corn drop which came in a cool chalk, three new colours have now surfaced. Arriving in ‘Blue Slate’, ‘Lavender Luck’ and ‘Industrial Green’, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing that perfect colour to match your all linen outfit for this weekend’s organic produce market.

All jokes aside, the team over at Reebok are really out here doing their part and we fully support them in their journey to create a 100 per cent bio-based and fully compostable shoe.

If you’d like to lay your eco-friendly hands on a pair, you can visit Reebok now.

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