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Converse Renew Converts Jeans Into Chuck 70s

Converse Chuck 70 Denim High Dark LateralConverse Chuck 70 Denim High Dark Lateral
Converse Chuck 70 Denim High Washed Lateral
Converse Chuck 70 Denim Collection Low Lateral

The program isn’t specifically just for turning plastic into textiles. It’s a holistic approach to producing new shoes using existing materials, such as this new pack of made from repurposed denim.

Seen above is a three-pair pack, comprised of two high-top Chuck 70s and one low-cut version. The high-tops utilise washed denim for the uppers, with screen-printed ankle logos to save material. Converse offer the choice of a dark finish or lightly-washed denim. The low-cut’s denim shade sits between the two high-tops.

This Renew pack is due for release on August 22 from retailers.

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