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Olive Camo Converse Lith Nyc 1
Camo Converse Jack Purcell 1
Converse Jack Purcell Olive Camo Kith Nyc 1
Kith Nyc Converse Jack Purcell 1

Converse Jack Purcell (Olive Branch Camo)

If you are heading out for some urban commando exploration its always good to stop and check that you're stepping correct with your footwear. Converse have dropped this fresh incognito olive branch camo Jack Purcell low-top into their fall range. These ninja kicks feature tough canvas uppers mounted onto fresh white rubber soles and are topped off with double layered toe caps for durability. The olive branch yardage flies so far under the radar you'll be loosing your feet in autumn leaves. Get yours now at KithNYC

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