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Converse Weave Collection
Converse Mono Weave White Ox
,Converse Mono Weave White Hi
Converse Mono Weave Black Ox
Converse Mono Weave Black Hi
Converse Weave Collection 2
Converse Weave Collection 3
Converse Weave Collection 4

Converse Chuck Taylor Mono Weave Collection

If the Chuck Taylor Colour Weave collection was a bit too much for your wardrobe, Converse has just released an Asia-Pacific exclusive Mono Weave collection for those who loved the woven Chucks, but wanted something a bit more low key. The highly technical woven upper coloured up in a solid black or white upper above an off-white midsole, the execution creates a premium, minimalist look that showcases why the Chuck Taylor silhouettes will forever be cool; its simplicity!

Available now at Converse Australia retailers and select Asia-Pacific locations now.

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