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Concepts X ASICS Gel Respector (Coca)

Concepts ain't stopping with the drug-themed sneakers! It's actually pretty crazy our Boston friends can get away with it, these athletic companies are so strict about their image that alcohol or smoking is rarely seen in any branding communications, but cocaine-themed trainers celebrating drug trafficking is all good! Hey, we can't knock the hustle, and the results are always clean when it comes to Concepts collaborations so let's not rock the boat. This time, Deon and co. have used the Gel Respector as the base for their Art Basel collaboration with ASICS, draping the retro runner with buttery green suede as a reference to the green of coca plants, a nod to Miami's drug-fuelled past. The sneaker will be available during the art festival at a secret location, with remaining pairs going on sale on the 5th of December. Shout outs to Concepts for always pushing that weight!

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