Clarks Wallabee Turmeric Camo
Clarks Wallabee Turmeric Camo
Clarks Wallabee Turmeric Camo
Clarks Wallabee Turmeric Camo,

Clarks Sprinkle ‘Turmeric Camo’ Suede Onto the Wallabee
Release: 2 July 2021

While the Clarks Wallabee is a particularly popular base model for collaborations, its inline colourways are just as strong. This ‘Turmeric Camo’ edition presents a compelling case for curious sneakerheads to branch out beyond their usual tastes.

The past few seasons have seen Clarks ramp up the experimentation of how they tinker with the uppers of their favourite models. Plain suede is simple and clean, but these Wallabees prove they’re not pigeonholed into monochromes by showing off a ‘Turmeric Camo’ pattern across the uppers. At first glance it may look like some accidental liquid stains – making wearing these suede shoes a less risky proposition in splash-prone situations – but according to Clarks, it’s an in-house designed watercolour pattern. In theory, no two pairs, let alone shoes, should look alike. But what is consistent throughout every pair of these Wallabees is the sourcing of fine suede from Italy.

More welcome news from Clarks comes in the form of confirmation that their crepe rubber soles are now certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which means manufacture should be less impactful on the planet. These thick and squishy soles will see a very long and useful life, and are easily replaced.

The ‘Turmeric Camo’ Wallabee is available now directly from Clarks.

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