Clarks Wallabee Surplus Black
Clarks Wallabee Surplus Black
Clarks Wallabee Surplus Black

Clarks Patch Up the Wallabee Using Surplus Materials
Release: 19 July 2021

Colourway: Black Combination


As brands look for more conscious ways of making sure the only impact their products leave is a cultural one, Clarks have stepped up to the plate by remaking their Wallabee using surplus materials. Plenty of brands have started going down this route, but Clarks take it to the next level by including an irregular mix of both smooth leather and suede arranged in a clean camo pattern.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Clarks have dabbled in patchwork patterns. In late 2019, Bodega featured two cobbled-together takes on the Wallabee, which used a more conventional checkerboard layout. Where this in-house version differs is the seemingly randomised arrangement of the blotchy panels, meaning in theory no two feet – let alone pairs – should look the same. Better use of materials doesn’t stop with the uppers either. Clarks’ crepe rubber soles are now Forest Stewardship Council certified, allowing both feet and conscience to feel good. The stamped swing tags proudly declare this pair’s use of surplus materials.

This extra work does mean there is a bit of a premium over a regular pair of Wallabees, but it’s all for a greater cause overall. Less waste is only a good thing. These new Wallabees are available now directly from Clarks.

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