Clarks Wallabee Boot Navy Velvet
Clarks Wallabee Boot Navy Velvet
Clarks Wallabee Boot Burgundy Velvet
Clarks Wallabee Boot Burgundy Velvet,

Clarks’ Latest Wallabees Feature Rich Velvet Uppers
Release: 11 August 2021

The latest material expedition for the classic Clarks Wallabee sees it substitute the usual suede uppers for highly detailed patterned velvet. At first glance, these two editions are somewhat reminiscent of the Todd Snyder collaboration from late 2019, but a closer look confirms these Wallabees are unique in their own right.

Clarks have been rather experimental with the Wallabee in the past few seasons, and this velvet touch is another exhibition of the model’s versatility. The uppers feature an intricate floral pattern, akin to something likely draping some vintage furniture or perhaps a pub’s unchanging décor. This velvet is trimmed by suede piping on the moc-style toe, which runs into the ankle collar trim. Because the updated fabric is a bit more delicate than the usual suede option, metal rings have been added to reinforce the eyelets.

New for 2021 is the fact Clarks’ signature crepe soles have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning their process of sourcing rubber and turning it into crepe soles is officially less impactful on the environment. Furthermore, crepe rubber has always been regarded as a durable and easily repairable option for shoes.

The Wallabee is available in two velvet options directly from Clarks.

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